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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cast Iron

As I grow into my own style of kitchen awareness, Over these last several years I have discovered the very best cooking dish is an Cast Iron skillet...(The kind Grandma used)
Cast Iron is worth every penny spent for the set. It will last your life time and the life time of your kiddos IF you can care properly for it.
This cookware is by far healthier as well, no added paint chips or chemical coating to brake off in to your stew or steak!
For any house warming gift these are BEST ideas! The small cast iron cooks up to four eggs at once and heats through very nicely. The big cast iron will make tasty pork chops and stir fry veggies in heart beat! My most favorite cast iron is the Dutch Oven I make soups and big fatty roast in that heavy well seasoned pot!
If you are starting to setup your own kitchen then remember CAST IRON cookware is the VERY BEST!
The proper care tips;
1. Remember to have an oven mitt if you need to touch the handle while cooking.
2. Remember to never wash in soap, only use hot water and a wash rag or nylon scraper.
3. Remember to dry with a towel, then rub a thin layer of grease like coconut oil, butter or bacon grease over the whole cast iron to store safely and prevent rusting.
 It is very easy to use and love for a life time of great foods and fun!

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