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Friday, April 27, 2012

Rest In Peace

Now I had been wondering how long  dear Izzy of bedlam farm would fight against cancer, or how it works in treating a dog that is in such pain? How do you keep the dog from suffering during the tratmen practices? Don't take the quality of life anyway or does it? I was at the vet a few months ago getting my cat updated on shots and a lady standing next to me was very surprised by the angery approach of this veterinarian doctor. I watched and listened on but tried not to be in the way of their discussion.....This vet said her dog had missed several cancer treatments, she fumbled around explaining she thought her dog was on a monthly treatment because the cost was truly high....then this frustrated doctor chewed her out in his explaining once a dog has cancer, you had to either fight the cancer aggressively (meaning take the dog in for treatment EVERY week) or just monthly but from what the vet said her dog couldn't do a monthly program and later do the weekly if he got worse.....I was a bit confused thinking to myself That really first off if he spoke to me like that I would not fumble around, I would hold my ground, look him in the eye and say sweetly that I won't be needing his services or attitude on this issue. But then again I was NOT the one in the "hot seat" of judgement so who knows if I could have been that clever in such a moment? The lady looked helpless and guilty, I think we have this whole animal health care cost and "standards" mixed up. It's not the body of the pet we need to keep on living it is the quality, the happiness for the animal, the GOOD things such a life force needs until it's ready, until their soul knows how to REST IN PEACE. I honestly believe THIS is what we should strive for with our pets, with our lives........Now thinking back on Izzy being laid to rest yesterday, I can't help but cry and be so very sad.....What a dog!  Although I am peacefully remembering him, the fact he didn't struggle, suffer long painful days or was kept alive on a breathing machine helps me think he left this world in a balanced way....One full of total love, tears and hugs as honoring as he was in being alive towards others. We can all rest in peace with him....

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