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Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Goddess Gaia

For the world is always growing, moving and dancing! There is unseen energy always at work in the universe that some call "God." or some call "The Force." There are hundreds of references to our ideas in spirituality, there is an endless cycle of human history in studying or devoting themselves to answering those big mysterious questions of life and death. We can conclude with all our recordings, writings, and legendary stories that we can only hope, we can only wonder in all these great depths in our purpose here on this earth.......because the evidence is still unknown, with all these sparks in our imaginations our stories and our feelings can allow us to believe, like with magic it is always referred to but never fully explained. Such is our long list of questions in our humanity and in our calling to help others and the earth while we live here.
How magical and how beautiful would Gaia be if we could capture her in physical form? How wonderful it is to believe in something beyond our own self, and trust that everything is connected into the true magic that once covered this land before we allowed our societies to become so very busy! 
I wonder if the comforts of our mothers make us even more longing towards the spiritual world in hopes to always have that comforting presence that we first felt at birth? 
I have been feeling excited about learning more of the longing we always have inside our hearts to be loved especially by our mothers, to have our parents be proud or be our friends as we grow older....Life moves at full speed from generation to generation unless we choose to stop for a moment and whisper to the sky above of how we want peace, of how we need calmness to wash over us keeping us safe and strong for the next journey we take after death......If I could call upon Gaia to walk me out into her light and loving arms so powerful and perfect then that would be such a perfect way to die for me.....Yet it is her magic that I can see so clearly from the tree tops to the broken logs on the ground as I begin to grow out into my own magical ways! Mother Gaia, my Goddess of  grace giving birth to the earth I praise her warmth of sun light and dancing winds! 
I am grateful for my life, for being a woman and for all the good out in the world battling and winning over the whole universe!
  It's exciting to circle back around to the Goddess Gaia for in my mind's eye She is SO beautiful, bright and brilliant!
The mythological name was revived in 1979 by James Lovelock, in Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth; his Gaia hypothesis was supported by Lynn Margulis
The hypothesis proposes that living organisms and inorganic material are part of a dynamic system that shapes the Earth's biosphere, and maintains the Earth as a fit environment for life.
 In some Gaia theory approaches the Earth itself is viewed as an organism with self-regulatory functions. Further books by Lovelock and others popularized the Gaia Hypothesis, which was widely embraced and passed into common usage as part of the heightened awareness of environmental concerns of the 1990s.

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