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Saturday, May 2, 2015

By the light of day

This has been a stressful week with dog-siting Jazmin the 16 month old golden pup.She barks and barks at night until I go sleep with her in the guest room, then she barks in the early morning jumping up and down going CRAZY until I let her outside then I quickly get dress and take her for a walk in hopes to leave my old calm lazy pets at home and give them a break from her craziness. It's a beautiful world out there at 8am in the warming new spring season and I have walked everywhere once again over the town of Boise in which I love so much! Yet today Jazmin goes home and I will take a long peaceful nap finally!
She is such a beautiful dog, huge and strong, clueless and not trained but willing to learn and willing to please so I will hope for the best in her life to be better and her aging to calm her down more. But as the light of morning found us walking the greenbelt or the foothills she never seemed very sure about nature, never sure about bonding with me. In our late afternoons we ran around town together walking around the state capital or all the sidewalks for 10 blocks and back. I like how calm she is when I drive but I will not miss her endless barking tonight and It was a busy week I kept her with me everywhere but she never could calm down in the evenings so I was glad to be strong enough to hold her leash and walk in the early morning scent of this beautiful world AND I am glad she is going home today as I put flowers in vases yesterday her tail smacked the first bouquet to the floor and I quickly put it up higher laughing at how she still had no clue that she caused that where as my 3 little dogs would of been looking guilty or alarmed by such chaos to unfold around them. 
Soooooo Taking a deep breath every early morning, chugging down my coffee and holding strong to Jazmin leash and commanding "Sit, sit, sit....calm down, let's walk." Then taking off beside the moving river and listening to the song birds made me grateful that I could smell lilacs in the air of lacking sleep and dog covered hair on my sweater. I liked having this busy crazy week to make me realize just how calm I truly live right now with all my loving lazy pets.

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