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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother Earth

It's a powerful feeling to think of our beloved Earth in having a real mother! To call all the unseen energy around the earth as it is cycling and producing Mother Earth is a BEAUTIFUL description! One so truly perfect to me!
And with Mother's Day rapidly approaching it is on all of our minds in how we will honor or remember our own Mothers.
To find comfort in all of nature and in all of the wild life among us, we can use a very ancient terminology to describe this unseen force of life all around that is so endearing and sacred, to make it so personal like our Mother. The earth is for everyone to care over, to share and to reproduce. Mother Earth can be for the motherless and the lonely. 
I have to ask myself If God is masculine, all powerful and strong as the bible teaches then in all respect he would need a female Goddess to help him give birth such LIFE here on this very real land. It makes complete sense to me that there needs to be equal status for male and female in the God head of our worship.  This is my favorite part of studying religions and legions because the whole story of this Earth is by far bigger then one chapter recorded in the Bible but rather an endless wonder for our human spirit to reach out and seek! I am in AWE of all my studies over the years, in all my joy of realizing how "God" is not so right or wrong after all, for in the spirit world it is not ever limited, nor defined by the human physical society in which all these extra rules are made. Therefore I believe as I grow older I am barely grasping it's true depths for my own personal soul and body. My wonder, my imagination and my life force is NOT ever stuck in one way of believing, so really not knowing for sure what is how my mind sees the world now, my wonder grow out into outer space, it grows with the every breath I take! This has all taught me to really believe in magic!!! And what a MAGICAL world it is with Mother nature by my side!
I believe in what I can not see just as I did when I was a kid being raised in a christian home. Although I will never go back to that organized religion, nor will I ever have such title in being apart of a whole group like that again. I look back at my life and my past in true clarity for all I have learned and all the stages of growth I have gone through. I still chose to believe in what I can not see, not letting my being betrayed in religion to jade my outlook for it all actually set me FREE in the end! Now there are NO limits to my imagination for the spectacular stories in spirituality!
 I can now discovered what is true for just ME, for my own soul. I have created a different God full of grace in my mind's eye, and a Mother Earth who keeps the secrets of birth, she keeps the secrets of all things so amazingly undefined! 
Nothing can stay the same in me as I chose magic over facts, as I like believing, I like seeking out new knowledge, new classic stories of legends! When I first discovered the idea of a female God I was overjoyed and grateful to be able to finally relate to such a better idea of who God could be....a better idea of worshiping privately and sacredly like in Hinduism.
For I adore the Hindu religion of both a male and female God head, Krishna and Radha. because they are beautiful together ever watchful over the universe equally responsible and equally glorified! I will always be in true awe of them and thankful to of discovered their spiritual beings and stories for my own heart's delight.
Looking back in my childhood I liked the term "Mother Earth." as well for my imagination felt free by such a beautiful name, I even used it when I was 10 years old once and my mother freaked out. 
It was terrifying to her that I was using such a secular term in replacement to GOD. and I recall that event in my life so perfectly because she freaked out so startling and because I felt like the term "Mother Earth" made such perfect sense to me! For where does life come from? I looked at our mothers who give birth to us thinking life comes from a woman, so naturally the earth needs a mother too! This is why I think Mother Earth has such a strong feeling in her name. For her beauty is ever changing, her gifts of life in all things from trees, flowers and honey bees are never ending all around us like magical fairy dust! The power of this earth is majestic and even mysterious! So why not give honor to the Mother of all things above us? This mother's day weekend has me loving these endless questions and endless ideas for a better world of wonder out there! I am in awe of the seasons, of all these days here on earth where life explodes, where it begins and ends over and over again! To our mothers who braved such pain, such messy discomfort and struggle to see us born all the while trying to stay healthy and strong so we can have a fighting chance to live! 

To Mother Earth who watches over our new mothers for us and foresaw the future in each of our newborn arrivals as the circle of life gave way to the balance in all things. To the hope for everyone as we draw breath in beginning again on this ever amazing earth!

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