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Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Fairies at night

This has been a crazy busy stressful month of April....I guess it's not April anymore actually! For I sure was busy every day in the last 3 weeks! 
I am glad it is now May, because I am ready to just gardening and listening to my old radio out in the warm mid-morning sun light once again.
Life gets so scheduled and so routine that I love when I can mix it up by digging down and getting the ground to look Beautiful once again!
Having my mother and brother here last week was very productive, very nice to be with them while still caring for my own family too.
Safety for my dogs has been my biggest motivation lately, I don't hate the big always barking dogs next door but I don't trust them at the same time. They are nice to me for I give them doggie biscuits and chit chat as if I know them personally. I also command them to "Go lay down." and they DO! Then I smile very proudly to still work in my backyard without them charging the fence loudly. 
My Brother Davey put in a fence that keeps my dogs from getting up to the gate where Eddie got bitten by Lola last June and almost died from his jaw infection. I felt sick to my stomach over worry and care of him that THIS had happened on MY watch, IN my yard and during my time with him. Little Eddie and I get along just fine, I never leave his side when he visits even now he avoids ever returning to that spot in my yard by the gate so I decide it needed a new fence Because I NEVER want that to happen again! SO I hired my brother to put in a new safety fence which looks so good now and I decorated the fence poles with solar lights. This will keep my dogs safely away from the wobbly old wooden fence and the space in old gates. My cats can still roam from chicken coop to the trail they never go anywhere near our neighbor's dogs like the smart cats I know them to be. And as the darkness rolls into my home I smile so proudly at the sudden burst of light that shines from the new setup. Just like Fairies coming down to check over the land, to keep us protected and safe! I admire my ideas that have come to life and have brought peace and security to my home once again along with that magical touch I hope to always make this place better and better as I live here!

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