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Friday, September 26, 2014

That Specail September

It was September 26, 2004 the morning started out with family greetings and old coffee mugs in the hotel lobby. I was beyond thrilled to be in Las Vegas for the first time EVER so I walked all around our hotel excited to take in all the creative shops when asked in the elevator why I was there, I beamed so proudly "My Dad is getting married this evening!"

It was actually my father-in-law but I called him "Dad" very naturally. He had his 2 grown boys at his side along with his own father for the ceremony. 
Grandpa and Grandma Shively met us in Vegas from Arizona. Teresa already had her sister there so it became the chosen location for everyone to meet up. That hotel restraunt was a buzz of laughter and shared stories as the 2 families came together. I was in awe of this event as we got ready for the wedding!

It was a warm afternoon as we ladies got ready in Teresa's hotel room, full of girlie things we got dress slowly enjoying chocolates and champagne. Teresa's mother, sister and I were all going to ride over to the chapel in the limo. So that whole afternoon in her hotel room was a reflective time in getting ready and sharing how wonderful it is to be family. Teresa's red curly pinned up hair was stunning as we chatted "What really impressed me about Kelly is his love for his boys, love for his family that made me feel right at home with him." I smiled back exclaiming "Exactly! I felt like he has always been there for me even though I was just dating his son, he is such a GOOD Dad!"

It was a fun night as the wedding unfolded, Teresa's sister Kim and I were her bridesmaids dressed in matching soft green dresses. Dad and Teresa looked so in love, so in the magic of the moment always holding hands through out the whole ceremony. I was so proud of the union in that moment and now looking back 10 years later I am still in awe of how it all has been so wonderful for each of them! It got me thinking of how magical it also was when I first thought "These 2 people need to meet somehow...."

It was a long stretch out table for the whole group to sit and eat after the ceremony as Dad and Teresa mingled and served the cake together. There was lots of laughter, lots of celebrating and lots of hugs from everyone there! I felt like the whole celebration flew by way to fast as the midnight hour had us walking back up together to our hotel rooms, the magic of love and being together as a family warmed our hearts much like the way Vegas was sparkling outside the windows at the end of such a big event when I felt so grateful to now gain a new Mother-in-law!   

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