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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Surviving series

Now that October has arrived, I am recapping through all the seasons of "The Walking Dead" back when those first episodes aired in October 2010.
It is my most favorite drama series because it is about surviving in zombie apocalypse.I love thrilling movies of excitement heading towards Halloween. Being startled or aware of how to handle safe levels in fear makes me feel strong as a person even though I know in real life such fearful events would be traumatizing! Like after a scary accident or death in the family there is what I call "Down time" for the surviving souls this is not talked about in a surviving series such as "The Walking Dead" where everyone is always on the move or running to the next new place but I have experienced for myself where I go in "hiding" from everything a long while, in order to process and face this time of change in the best ways I know how.
 My excitement over watching "The Walking Dead" is how I can understand that same survival mind in all of us. It is the kind of show with many different personalities, although as I have watched some of the episodes I wonder why they don't have someone on guard at ALL times!?!  I also like thinking about how to grow a garden in the prison safety, or how to catch rain water for showering and learning how to manage that constant fear of being eaten by zombies makes me come back to the show every new season with my own personal "pep talk" that yes I can keep following this scaryass storyline. It is interesting to wonder what would we do under such a world shift in existing like that? 
There are a few episodes I will never watch again because of how emotionally powerful and over whelming they were!....yet that is what makes for a good story line in capturing our interest. 
I think that when we know a few survival skills or understand what is important in a time of such chaos and crisis like that then we find a bit of comfort even though a show such as "The Walking Dead" proves how we can not control or save the world after all, we can however at the very least stay sharp and smart being ready for however it will all end.....I enjoy watching such surviving series for all the tips and experiences that I hope to never actually live through in real time!

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