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Wednesday, September 3, 2014


It's an amazing fermented sweet tea, with live cultures and good bacteria that have saved me MANY of time in the store when I grab something to drink. When I want something other then water and need a boost of energy without doing coffee again in that day I drink up Kombucha with a big happy smile! Making it at home is possible as long as ya have enough sugar to keep adding to the yeast as it grows or else the fermentation will change into some kind of household cleaner over a neglected ignored few months.

I love this stuff so much for how good it taste and how amazingly quickly my stomach feels healthier after downing a bottle, especially on the run this summer working the fair in the late summer's heat and being surrounded by soda or beer. My komucha became my saving grace for good mental health. And after eating really unhealthy foods for a whole day off at the Fair I hurt from such bad fun choices that this fermented tea brought me back to my old strong self again in only a few minuets! It's not so hard to keep making it at home but luckily kombucha is being sold in more and more stores as it grows in knowledge and popularity! 
So enjoy the fun fizz of getting more minerals and very important pro biotic from your daily fermented beverage! 
CHEERS to Kombucha and staying young forever!

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