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Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Joy in June

            I walked around for a moment in the soft morning light taking in the pure excitement of that professional canopy being all setup, Dad was on the move with the rental guys as they cleared out. He stopped by the side door asking down in the backyard at me "Do you need some coffee?" I held up my own coffee mug in hand "I'm already set." his wife Teresa was turning 50 years this day for the big celebration and garden theme party. I was so excited to see how it was all coming together. Those past weeks of making lists, of getting big projects done and helping side by side with them prepare for this fun event. I took a deep breath of that fresh June morning from the raised garden beds over looking the valley below, a skyline of tall trees and the sound of birds made me know that THIS day was going to be PERFECT!

I walked into their house as my husband's father was on the phone while his wife hugged me happily explaining the chores I needed to tackle, I could feel the relaxed feeling of a full morning ahead to get the party setup. Dad asked again if I needed anything, he is always very thoughtful and reliable like that making him the greatest dad I have ever met! I chuckle as I race off to do some quick cleaning, I had just been out there the day before so I knew what was still on my working list. "Thanks, Dad but I'm good really and I'll let ya know if I need more coffee for sure." as his friends arrived to setup table and chairs he was on the move again. While his beautiful bride setup party favors and happily listened to some music in her very stylish newly remodeled kitchen. I felt so grateful to be apart of this behind the scenes to the big event!

She was so beautiful much like on the very first day I had met her....a whole decade ago...I sat at the kitchen table drawing up signs for parking, signs for the bathrooms, signs for the walkway looking up to think "Doesn't she look so beautiful? I can't WAIT to be 50 one day!"
She move about her kitchen gracefully, talking with her friend Shawna on what was priority to stay on task and in schedule. Their husbands had found some beer already joking around while hanging the decor in the canopy. I went down to help them realizing that without us women these kind of events wouldn't unfold with such artistic magic!

The company had begun to arrived while she put on her lovely classy dress wearing her most treasured jewelry from her beloved family. We help each other get ready surrounded by all her girlie things and laughing as the party began, She twirled around one last time in her mirror as Dad knocked on the door asking if we were ready, I stood there in awe of those two hugging each other on the way out to entertain together. I smiled so happily finishing the last pin in my hair thinking for a moment that I am the luckiest woman in the whole world to have such  great in-laws or as I like to think of them "my substitute parents" This was going to be a GREAT party, and a joyful celebration of the 50 years that Teresa Hutton Shively has walked this earth to better all the lives she has touched!

There really hasn't been a woman like HER in my whole life, in my everyday life she gives me that stable friendship. Her calm wisdom has picked me up from my knees and steady my emotional reactions all these things that the last 10 years unfolded upon us. her beautiful smile, her common sense and her devotion to family has made my life so much better! She doesn't talk bad about anyone, she doesn't take sides at a dinner table discussion but when she speaks it is real and it is wise! I can't be more grateful to live by her side, to share our love for gardening and dogs in our love for knowledge and good health. I can't be more grateful for our busy fun days to our lazy evenings sitting around reading. During her speech at the party when she said how grateful she was to be so loved I felt a flash go by our lives so tightly connected and realized that it was I who should be so grateful and thankful to of met her, to have such a mentor and a rescuer like her in my life making me a stronger person!

 When the rain came down on that October night I raced into the restraunt to find my friend Carla say "Oh Good! you made it! This is my friend Teresa." I leaned across the bar stools to shake her hand as she smiled kindly back at me I was blown away by her beauty asking jokingly "What ya drinking that looks good?" She turned the glass for me "Snow Cap, I like dark beers." I felt an instant connection saying "Well then YOU should meet my father-in-law, he loves dark beers too." Carla leans over to Teresa adding "He's recently divorced and gorgeous!" Teresa just smiled back nodding like we were being "car salesmen" and I retorted quickly "He is a GREAT Dad too!" then she gave me her business card and the rest is a really good love story!

Dad held his glass up high with his other arm around our beautiful Teresa facing the party crowd he said "Happy 50th birthday Teresa, CHEERS!" we all cheered together and wipe a few tears of such joy in that June night!

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