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Thursday, September 11, 2014


When I actually stop to think about it, I LOVE dessert! Ever since I was a kid and my mother would invite families over for dinner her desserts were truly richly AMAZING and most importantly full of FUN so to this day I look forward to DESSERT. When I look back at my childhood some of my best memories are centered around great desserts and EVERYONE was in a GOOD mood!

Dessert has changed over the last few years for me, going for things I can make more without gluten or Crisco. Keeping it still nice and tasty with little to no sugar.
Such new ideas and new dishes are really fun to try!  Dessert will always be one of my favorite parts of entertaining in my home as well, just like my own mother I am now creating new fun times over sharing such treats with family and friends for dessert is very comforting in the end of the night....

I have a dessert that is very popular with everyone in dipped chocolate fruits. and I have learned that melting dark chocolate on the stove is tricky, very important to watch it closely avoiding over heating and curdling it. Once it begins to melt I remove it quickly off the stove top burner stirring quickly to the side of the heat while dipping the fruit pieces I want to half cover with this dark rich sweet liquid then lay them in a row on the wax paper already set out. 
It's such a beautiful sight to behold!

I LOVE the art of making this's as though I am gliding through time in a magical scene off the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate factory" because I've gotten good at this, my focus is sharp while my senses are relaxed at the very same time, for I'm peacefully happy in creating such treats as THESE!

Chocolate melted slowly and carefully is my favorite part of the holidays as I make such great desserts and candies for those yearly celebrations! (AND when I have company over)

Dessert will ALWAYS make me smile and I know the possibilities are endless while melting that deep dark rich chocolate once again!

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