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Monday, September 1, 2014

My Project List

It has been a successful summer in getting all my big projects done like painting Tony's brew storage room. I was able to focused on getting it painted and setup. I washed hundreds of beer bottles and wine bottles even soaking and scrubbing off all the labels. This little room can get very hot so the only things I put in it are tools and storage stuff.

It looks great now, I am very proud to have it all done. Along side the guestroom, having everything in it's place and setup so inviting makes me smile as I go through these rooms. I have always made a project list at the first of June but THIS summer is the very first season I can recall actually finishing that same list by the first of September!

 It is fun for me to be a homemaker, it's even more delightful to get all these projects done and completed!

Each season has me making lists and doing endless projects, yet summer time is when I do the really BIG jobs. It is when I live in my paint clothes, sweaty and dirty almost all the time as I dig in the soil or deep sweep the floors. Organizing the garage, pulling weeds out of the driveway and staging each and every room of my huge home so that I can spend every free moment outside! 
Summer flies by so fast but I am proud to say that THIS year I got my project list actually all DONE! least until next summer when my imagination is put to pen and paper once again. 
Where ever I live I thrive in keeping on task and adding those check marks to my imagination, to my finished completely beautiful home!

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