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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Coconut oil

It is THE one number thing I use every single day of my life now, I can not express the importance of such an wonderful miracle oil as this!
     Coconut oil 

I use it to cook up and saute anything in my pots and skillets because of Coconut oil's heat resistance while tasting amazingly buttery at the same time!

I use it for pet care issues dry skin or dry paws even helping to heal open wounds. Coconut oil is anti-bacterial for helping to fight most any problems both my cats and dogs will eat it too. It's harmless for them so I love using it in replace to any medicine just in case they can lick it.

I use it for my personal hygiene, my dental care and as my number one lotion. I eat a tablespoon a day sometimes just eating it right off the spoon in my hand. (If ever you get constipated just have a big spoon of coconut oil and drink 3 big glasses of vitamin C water, then rest a bit there is nothing to worry about from has been over 5 years since I've had that kind of an personal issue...right about when Coconut oil came into my life actually) 

I use coconut oil in replace of conditioner for the ends of my long hair and love how nice it feels on my face (just remember a little goes a long ways in being nice and oily) It is so nice to cut the cost of all my cosmetics, not to mention also for my grocery bill to have coconut oil on hand all the time I never use fake chemicals to cook in ever again!

When it comes to needing more GOOD fats, coconut oil is the very best fat I can ever think of right up there next to avocados in my book! Truly everything I read and practice with for my own personal judgement is also out there for you the reader, I am not a Doctor nor certified on any level to give advice, just sharing my thoughts on how wonderful my body is doing with coconut oil and that I have plenty of time to read and research about this miracle oil for my own personal healing. Now I wake up craving coconut oil sometimes, I can tell when my oils and fats get worn down so I'll toss a scoop into my "to-go-mug" of coffee on my way out the door!

TRY this simple recipe with Coconut oil;

In skillet melt 2 tablespoons of coconut oil on medium heat. While that is heating up cut slices of zucchini, yellow neck squash, carrots, eggplant and bell pepper, I try to keep everything cut in small circles, then first toss on carrots and bell peppers stirring with a wooden spoon adding in spices like salt and pepper even a bit of Chili powder or garlic powder too as the carrots and pepper sizzle I add in the slices of the softer veggies to now all saute together in the hot oils (If you like your veggies really oily then add more coconut oil to the cooking)
 It should all cook up nicely as you stir and watch for the texture you want, some people like these veggies burnt a bit for a crunch but I like them all to look warm, glossy all the way through. Then serve next to a already cooked steak or roast on the plate, 
For THIS is my "yen and yang" of great meals to live on! 
With half protein and half good fat on each plate or bowl for the rest of my life :-)   Stay well oiled out there!

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