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Saturday, August 30, 2014

My Rock Gardens

    I have so many different gardens, I have so much room in my HUGE backyard too! I can get a bit overwhelmed with this much space some days.....I love it all of course but I have to take it by sections, I have to work it by garden to garden or I will feel like I'm not getting anything actually done! Gardening is a slow process when ya have so much space.
My rock gardens are some of my favorite parts of my home.
    Starting with the big backyard rock garden with stairs made out of stones. The frustrating issue I've had with this structure is how hot it will get by the summer sunshine. So I am careful now with what I plant there. It will take some more attention this fall to make it better looking I think....I also know it's fun for the cats to hang around up there hiding in the weeds and roses.  The other issue is trying to mow around it is hard but I have plans to create a drought tolerant landscape by this time next year!
This is such a fun rock garden with places to sit and watch the sun move across the whole back yard in the mornings. I think it should have more hollyhocks too!
When it comes to rock gardens being such a great place to decorate I've really had fun with mine! 
It holds such magic and wonder in not being over grown by the plants. This rock garden is on my patio and every night I sit next to it relaxing.....
Succulent plants are long lasting in the summer's heat and don't need so much water to thrive and grow, so I have been really reading up on what I can bring to my rock gardens. Different colors of succulents and colorful gravel also help bring a rock garden all together!
Rocks are beautiful in and of themselves so being apart of a garden makes them pop out, decorating the earth where I can't water and can't seem grow much. I love trying to figure out how to set up solar lights, loose rocks and ground covers that will come together finally filling up those dry spaces! 
I love all my gardens, all my trees and all of my space in this home. Yet it's the rock gardens that become the easiest to care for once it's all established. 
AND I could always add another fairy figurine to be displayed :-)

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