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Monday, July 28, 2014

Dancing with a Friend

Brecca called me one evening last year asking "What ya doin'  right now, are you busy?" I paused for a moment by the kitchen sink to think about it "Oh just doing the dishes...Why?" She exclaimed "Come dancing with me! I want to get back into Zumba and you would LOVE IT!" I giggled at her excitement as I say "Okay, Sure, why not?"    That evening as she hugged me at the door of the gym she said "You will love this! It's all about just having fun no worries if you can keep up or not but it's such a good workout too!"  As I nervously took my spot on the wide open floor an arm length away each other in the group we started dancing and I never felt so alive in having so much fun even though I was always a step or two maybe more like 6 steps behind the rest but it was so exciting, so energizing and simply truly just for FUN! Brecca has always had such talent in acting, in dancing and performing in many public skits and plays, her many facial expressions and ability to laugh at herself has always made my working with her back in the day although more wonderful! We became such good friends that I now felt such a delight in her showing me this world of dancing and laughing! We met there once a week before I became a nanny then all my evenings were taken. But I still love dancing Zumba and I still love my Awesome friend Brecca!

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