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Friday, July 4, 2014

Walking with a friend

"When you are truly happy it is impossible to think "That person is so stupid." because happy people do not judge nor do they carry on over other peoples lives and dramas....They are HAPPY, there is no room for any other emotion in that feeling of true happiness." Molly said this as we walked back home from grabbing ice coffee drinks on such a warm nice June afternoon and I laughed fully at how true her statement was! As I was feeling so happy to be walking with her in that beautiful perfect late morning!
"When I've been sad for awhile it feels so good, so refreshing to be happy once again just by being grateful and thankful for moments like this." I explained "I come from such unhappy family growing up, it was so dark and full of fear. Now I realize being brave is a choice, being happy is also a choice. I like knowing I have the choice, the power to change my mind on how I am feeling...." 
Molly has been my friend since we went to the same church, she was like a little sister to me as I befriended her older sister Tiffany who was more my age all those years back. Molly has grown up into such a wonderful young lady with kindness and thoughtfulness in always wanting to listen and help those she loves so much. I have enjoyed her happiness, I enjoy her honesty and her refreshing view on life. 
I am grateful to stay in touch and to still know her. For she is beautiful and she is so wise in how she lives her happy good life that I look forward to those refreshing moments for my soul in meeting over coffee or walking with such a good friend! 

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