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Monday, July 21, 2014

Drinking with a friend

One of my favorite times in going out is "Happy hour" that 3-6 mostly or in the nice late summer nights 10-12. It's not as crowded as normal dinner/party time so getting my lawn mowed or home maintenance project done by 3 or 4 heading out to drink a beer or my most favorite hard cider especially on these hot summer days are my favorite past time. There is a new place that just opened last month across the street from my husband's law school called "Boise Brewing". I have been following their blog for over a year now finally excited that they opened a local pub surrounded by all these shiny tanks brewing up their next list of  beers on tap. As a friend ask what kind of beers do they have and how many times have I been there I found myself laughing that most every Sunday afternoon and 2 evenings a week I have been there since they opened! Meeting up with friends, or just waiting for my husband to get out of class. It's a laid back place that lets ya bring in your own snacks or they will go pick up an order for ya while you stay kicking back and relax over a nice chilled beer. Kathy and I have worked a few different places together mostly meeting first at the Fair, since she now works at BB I love seeing her and catching up with her on all her new art work. Last summer evening while working the Fair a sudden wind storm caught us all of guard as I raced across the kitchen to close the door with all my strength against the storm I saw the wind ripe off a huge heavy cabinet door right where Kathy stood in those seconds of yelling back at her "Kathy! Look out!" she was already on the move in such alarm as I held the door close to the slamming of the broke cabinet hitting the floor behind me. Kathy exclaimed "If THAT had actually hit me I would be dead!" I hugged her in relief and tried to move the heavy crazy door to the side of the wall. I explained "You would of been so badly hurt if this had hit ya! I can't even lift it off the floor it's so heavy! How insane was that wind?" She and I have worked well together and I love all her crazy stories, life experiences and vibrant energy. Drinking with a friend like her kicking back with a "cheers" and simply just chatting is one of my favorite things to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Yesterday she handed me her phone number saying "Let's hang out more on my days off, we could grab lunch shop thrift stores together." I smiled so big for making new friends is one of my most favorite things! "Well, of course!" I said back at her as the guys at my table joked around how unfair it was that I was the one who got her phone number. There is such a joy in getting to know new people, while also chilling out over a drink getting out of the heat of the day and thinking life is good!

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