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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Singing with a friend

When I sing to myself or along side with a friend I feel connected to something much bigger then myself! I feel transported by the tunes and by the words! It takes me straight to my center being and I am made calmly balanced again.

I need this joy, this sound and this moment to sing my heart out while being alive! Because music is a HUGE part of who I am. It is both spiritual and physical to sing out loud with no fear and simply be one with the song!

Tiffany drove her mini-van through town with her four kiddos in the back as I opened a bag of jerky for everyone enjoy the day riding along with them to all their appointments. It was so much fun for me visiting with each of her kids as the song began Tiffany exclaimed turning it up "Oooooh I love this one!" I chuckled in knowing Adele's voice anywhere. The fact the four kids knew this song word for word really impressed me as the 6 of us all sang together filling the moving car with such powerful sound and I loved it so dearly, Singing with my friends!

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