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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Living with a friend

   Today is always such a fun day! It's hard to not be at the Oregon Coast right now though....Our anniversaries are always so important to us and we love cooking such good foods on such a day. This is a hard time with Tony in school, we like to live more lazily. It will be such a celebration when we are free from such his class schedule and such stress.
When visiting my cousin last weekend I noticed how Tony's PJ and mine match in red and blue with that "His" and "Hers" look which made me laugh for after 11 years of marriage we are now dressing very much alike!

 Being married is different for everyone but I describe it as "keeping it real" and most importantly being friends above all else. 
Celebrating anniversaries is easier then setting up an actual wedding ceremony. I love thinking back over how much we have changed and stayed the same! Living with a friend is what makes life unfold with all it's wonders and magic! Tony and I can't help but finish each others sentence or thought after being married for so long......and now our PJ's match which makes me laugh all the more!

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