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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Shopping with a friend

 The valley below from my view on the highway was both beautiful and familiar as last week my boss from the Fair Teresa or TBiggs as I call her and another co-worker named Donna took me out into "The Snake River Wine Region" as we needed to pick up the bottles of wine for the Fair contest and wine judging we were in charge of. "This is really way out here from town, isn't it?" asked Donna as I smiled to myself from relaxing in the back seat of Tbigg's new car. Donna looked around as we drove on to the half a dozen wineries on Sunny slope road. My childhood farm was just over the next hillside as I smiled again to myself in awe of returning to these fun places to sip wine and learn more about can never know enough about such a wonderful beverage! I wish my parents had turned their farm into a vineyard right when all the fruit orchards died out 10 years about getting in on the ground floor of a booming business! Maybe 100 years from now this whole valley will be as popular as Nappa/Sonoma Valley in California? I wonder and wish I could see the future sometimes! Donna, Tbiggs and I did a wine tasting at our first vineyard on plum road called "Bitner" it was so delightful, and fun to see how this local winery got started. I enjoyed the place very much as well as enjoy the whole day driving all over the countryside gathering up bottles of wine in the cooler of our car from many other wineries. "This is such a perfect day for this! Not to hot yet." Teresa exclaimed as I nodded looking out over across to lizard butte in front of us as the hillside rolled on in grape vines and clear sky! As the three of us ladies stood in line to buy our own bottles of wine after our first tasting session, I chuckled over my shoulder saying "Now this is my kind of "shopping" with my friends!" They all laughed back and totally agreed!

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