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Friday, August 1, 2014

My Herb Garden

 It's taken some time to get it laid out where I want my herbs to grow and as I read every morning an article about each and every herb out there I wonder if I will ever get them all in the ground surrounding my courtyard?
I want a "sea of color" with each plant growing into each other starting from the tallest growing herb in the back drop of the house to the ground cover of the low growing herbs.....One day after I plant it all then I will sit back admiring the Honey bee paradise with my morning cup of coffee thinking we had to start somewhere!
There is clay soil under my weed barrier, so I had mixed potting soil and top soil together above the barrier with mulch and gravel. I had trouble at first with creating a bark pathway of all my cats loving the easy potting place so I made them a big outside litter box away from my herb garden while also decorating around my freshly planted herbs with stones and rocks to keep the cats from tearing it all up again. The slope away from the house allows nothing to touch the actual house while blocking the irrigation water to soak into the lawn of the courtyard. I water every other day with a small hose and the lavender gets less water then that actually as I LOVE those plants above all else!
 It's taken some time to get back into my bedroom being surrounded by lavender once again and now I feel so proud of this hard work and successful focused summer on improving my home and my many gardens!


  1. how pretty it all looks... you are such an artist of the earth... now when are we coming over for a fire pit??... love you tons!

  2. I was JUST sayin' this morning we need to have ya over! It's so much fun to have things growing together then I can sit back and drink:-D