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Friday, January 3, 2014

Age of Wonder

 When we are first born there is nothing we are in control of or responsible for, even our minds have not yet capture the fact we are existing.
The age of wonder is like an awakening from a long 2 or 3 year sleep as we begin to grow up. I always warn my friends who will be mothers soon that in the next 3 to 4 years should be kept simple, stay in bed longer with your newborn, spend ALL day at the park in the summer and never drag your little new soul anywhere stressful! I have never been a mother but I have been made aware of what it takes, what is so magical and wonderful about it! It is also life changing in every single way that without preparation or steady calmness it's a hard job to be parent.
I like giving my helpful tips then watch as these friends look at me oddly saying "How do you know all this? I never thought that far ahead..." It's always been important to me in knowing how to raise children right, or most importantly to relate to them on their own level....
 When I would call up all of my friends who are busy mothers now I would ask if I can meet up with them sometime, it always surprises me these several responses were "Well, I don't have a babysitter lined up." I was left bewildered and oddly confused for a second then laugh to myself realizing they don't get it, I LOVE Children!!! So I would explain back quickly "No Silly! I know you have kids so lets hang out ALL of us together! Like meet at McDonald or go to the park so the kids have fun things to do as we catch up on life."
The age of wonder is lost somehow at times I have noticed in all these adults around me, I have always discovered such refreshing wonder in all kinds of kids, In fact being around children have so often saved me from my own selfishness or my own sad thoughts through out my life! We all need to hear the sound of laughter and energy coming from the younger generation!
The age of wonder is that we can choose to never out grow it! 
We can share in it the magic of life and learning right along side our kids for generations to come and that is my most favorite hopeful idea to carry on into the future!

Baby Girl Hannah in 2003

Sweet, lovely, 10 year old Hannah was laughing at me as I darted around backyard squealing and trying to hide behind a tree just when she threw a water balloon that splashed over my back! I kept missing her and her brother with my own balloons that they both were laughing so hard now, I will always remember the three of us playing on that summer day, Thinking how Benny would be giggling from heaven at all our goofiness sliding in mud and grass! 
For I have always loved these kids, always asked Benny if they could come play with us when we met up and Benny would roll her eyes saying back "Then I would have to watch over THREE kids all at the same time!" I burst out laughing and totally agreed!

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