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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Age of Thought

I sat thinking, I sat looking out the airplane window to world below of such beauty.
I like that place, the thinking place inside our heads. I was flying up to Spokane Washington to see some family. I like traveling, I like thinking about all kinds of new things in which traveling creates!

It reminds me of that very first time I sat thinking as small child with dirt worms and rolly pollies in my hand. I sat thinking as the water in the gutter on the side of the road moved on with cigarette butts and leaves in it. I sat thinking for a moment outside next to my gray small house in the trailer park. I asked myself "Why are there bugs like this in the ground before me?" as the rolly pollies curled up harmlessly in the center of my hand....I had begun, woken up in my age of thought!

Then I remembered how I grew up shadowing my older cousin Trina whose animal care and dirt handling ways opened up a whole new level into those same thoughts, she was always eager to explore and help explain life to me.

On that fall evening it glowed in purple and pink as the sun setting hours were upon us, Trina opened up a seed pod mixed in with muddy dirt and pieces of grass on our long walk out into the valley below our Grandparents home. She exclaimed "Look! quick Dee! LOOK! before they all blow away!" I was almost 10 years old, I remember this because being 10 was such a grown up age I didn't like saying "I'm 9" anymore. I quickly moved in leaning against her shoulder as the wind shot past us taking those feathery seeds out of the open pod that we had just found on our nature walk. "WOW!" I exclaimed as we both smiled in that moment as they moved all around us like pixie dust! Trina beamed proudly stating "...and that's how they keep on growing!"

I stood with my suit case in hand, moving along in long lines is another part of traveling I enjoy also. The awareness of all my items on me, of all my senses alert and sharp! Then I calmly enjoy people watching all around, smiling and nodding in small talk or simply thinking to myself, of how wonderful is my life that I could be able to travel?

I love that place, where thinking takes me to the core center of myself. Much like a secret garden, a wonderful place of peace and joy that I sometimes wish to stay there a bit longer, before I have to come back to the living and handle the next event.

I don't ever want to out grow the age of thought! I hope I can keep it with me when I am 80 or 90. It's often misunderstood that with old age comes forgetfulness but I understand now how that is all about how you eat, sleep and live as a "youngster". If we all enjoyed our own thoughts then maybe we will never ever forget a single second of our lives? 

I am going to be 35 in a couple of weeks, rather mid-way to the 40 I'm setting my sights to being!  I like this decade but so far WAY to much has happened I would like to be bored, to be lost in my own thinking for awhile again. It is not easy to reach a place of such delight only to be forced into the real world.  I am grateful for all 35 years, I wish I could have been much older before going through some of these trails and tribulations though.....
YET I still like opening up a seed pod while the breeze magically takes them away, I will always like this kind of thing no matter where I am or how old I can get..... for all the sad stories, for all the happy laughter and good memories I carry within me, THINKING about it all takes me into that beautiful place of  wondering over our cycle of life!

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