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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Age of Girls

The girls and I worked together very nicely, sometimes under stress we would snap but never took it to heart against each other. The week in June of 2009 when we all three had the days off I decided a girls trip was a must! We shot out of Boise Idaho at 8am with suit cases and coffees, arriving in Portland Oregon way to early after all our conversations and stopping points for pictures! 
Girls really do just wanna have FUN!
 My friends and I also enjoyed such amazing food in cool restaurants that were all around Hotel 50 while staying in Portland. It was good to have 3 of us on this quick 2 night trip in all our fun of sharing stories and different points of view, for I truly delighted in how dramatically different we all were while still remaining such good friends!

For Holly was also newly pregnant so this was a trip against time when once she had her kid everything would change from all our greenbelt walks and all our board game nights would reasonably come to an end. Holly was also a liberal christian, which paired very nicely with Catherine who was also a christian, although she was very conservative. This made for such interesting discussions I enjoyed such a variety in our different ideas and topics!
For I was the odd woman out completely but loved every minuet of being with my friends! For I was not a christian at all, also I would not claim to be a Liberal or a Conservative, I was thinking about how I really should be independent....and so I would side with the friend who made the most sense to me in our deep long talks, If we grew worn out from each other we simply would  step out for a walk by one's self to be refreshed again in being together. I loved seeing Columbia Gorge that summer! It was ever so beautiful! The best part of this road trip was all the hiking and walking we did everywhere!The fact we were 3 very different woman made it all the more fun to share in our adventures! Being with my girlfriends in any situation I have always notice this soft sweet sensible way woman all are! (At least if they want to be) 
I don't think I will ever out grow my delight in being among women, especially those classy caring ladies whom I know! 

The rose garden was in full sun light, we sat in the shade under a tree after our walk across the big city. Catherine shared her water bottle with me as we watch Holly move around the garden taking pictures, she sighed so delighted to rest "Thanks for inviting me on this trip I'm really glad to be here! it's just so beautiful!" I nodded back "I'm so thankful you came! it's far better with us 3 I think....and look down there see that bridge out there THAT is where our hotel is and how far we walked today!" Catherine looked out covering her forehead to look out into the sloping roads below, she chuckled amused "Just don't tell Holly that's how far we have to walk back or she WILL call a cab!" We both burst out laughing together in understanding, as girls do!

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