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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Age of Radio

      It was at a time of change, those first years of 2000. I was living in such a romantic rose colored world that I often find such gratefulness in my heart for that glowing sun light of all my great memories looking back now!
  While being young isn't always an easy thing to live through and I knew even for my age back then that I was much older in my mind's eye. Perhaps this is why I can look back in such delight and with such grace for all those good stories! 
My life lessons and my soul's journey was grateful to find a radio station that wasn't like any other out there in the world at the time, for such news programs were loud and crazy. 
Then the ever so classy and calm NPR found my happy heart! 
I liked listening to the news without receiving a head ache afterwords or reacting in such a stressed out way by all the stupid peoples!
I was 24 or 25 thinking how much I LOVED my radio over my TV at the time and how important waking up to feed my brain was!
Those were the days my friend that I thought would never end, yet now a decade later I have everything on podcast or Pandora in order to listen and radio is now a very different thing all together, I sigh of course neither able to keep it all the same forever such is how time works.....I guess.

The morning sunlight caught my waking eyes and I rolled out bed wondering if I over slept or not? If I had not then 9am was the perfect hour to get my Saturday morning programs going! My radio as tucked into my bookshelf by the kitchen as I flipped it on and begun boiling water for my coffee's french press system. I opened the sliding glass door to summer's fresh air as I whisked up flour and eggs for those fluffy buttermilk pancakes, bacon was already smoking in the oven and the sound of NPR filled my condo with first 9am's Car talk. I enjoyed those 2 clever humorous brothers and their years of fixing, of knowing about each and every car. Their callers were always battling auto body shops in hopes to save a buck. I would have coffee made, breakfast set up and a fresh fruit cup set aside for my slowly waking up husband before this first hour's radio program even ended. It was a picture perfect way of life listening to that radio!

I knew what time it was every Saturday morning just from which program was airing over the radio in the background.
9am Car Talk (was a hit or miss with me if I overslept,) then 10am "Dr. Zorba Paster on your health", 11am "Calling all pets", Noon "Wait, wait don't tell me", 1pm "This American Life", 2pm "The Splendid Table", 3pm "World NEWS"
I loved those early days of being newly married, laughing, discussing, chatting through each and every show over a couple pots of coffee with both of us home from work, feeling carefree and delighting in every second of our lazy weekends! I only needed an hour to clean through our tiny home, then I would sit back listening to the radio more focused, while painting or knitting against the bright warm sun light.

I may of not liked being all that young but I DID like the age of my radio, with all those lovely romantic mornings sharing in such new wonders that I could listen to!

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