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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Age of Cold

I was wondering why this winter I have been feeling so easily cold?  Usually I can handle it better but lately I have been wishing for sun's warmth more then I can ever remember.....?
My husband said the other night that I go to bed ready for a blizzard with all my layers on! 

Yet I have always felt so invaded by the cold!
I have no energy, I have no need to even do my hair most of the time because I want to wear my stocking caps ALL the time now! I could be at such an age right now that this coldness is very painful, I feel very tight and can't even speak when I get super cold standing around outside....THIS annoys me so much too for I love to be outside! 
I do think winter is beautiful as long as I don't go out into it right away, let the noon hour arrive to whatever heat we are grateful to have!
I will never be a winter person I guess......It's just more sweaters and coffee until my happy free spirited Spring arrives one day down the road again! 
THAT and knowing how penguins walk so I don't fall down on the ice like I did LAST winter....

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