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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Age of the Irish pub

         When I first discovered how nice Irish Pubs were, peaceful, dark and rich in history where I could order a red ale or a Guinness without any doubt that the beer would taste good I was 25 years old.
I walked in saying "WOW! I feel like I just stepped back in time! AWESOME!" My husband Tony rolled his eyes and replied "Oh now you are sold on coming back then." I laughed nodding my head in excitement. We noticed another nice thing while being in an Irish pub the music wasn't so loud or so distracting from real depth in conversations. (Also while in Las Vegas those Irish pubs we could find were my saving grace in relaxing.)
The menu items, the background music and the over all feeling of delight while kicking back is what I am always looking for in a new place, the age of Irish pubs were some of the most fun in meeting new people along the bar stools or getting into a card game while dropping "Irish car bombs" and laughing so much! 
Back in being 25 I found myself remembering all those weekends meeting up downtown at the Ha Penny, our local Irish pub here in Boise Idaho. It as our main hangout for several years back then.....

     Tony was laughing so hard almost falling off his stool then waved at me from across the crowded place. It was St.Patty's day or evening now as I just chuckled and shook my head, we had arrived a little before noon to get a big table which was full now with many different friends and family. The craziness, the noise and the glitter of all things green made me feel like I was seeing a rare view of an "Irish pub". The quietness, the calmness, the good quality of foods with old familiar songs playing in the background was gone on this national holiday. When Tony sat next to his Dad laughing and cheering on more drinks and chips while his brother worked hard as the main bartender the whole place took on a life force all it's own I stood back drinking my Guinness grateful to be in my own thoughts. I had stepped outside for some fresh air then decided the hour wait for the restroom would be considered perfect time by the time i was done drinking my pint. My husband had young beautiful ladies surrounding him that his mother's husband Roy had met, they all waved at me once again as Tony yelled out "HEY! Hey Debby they want to buy us a drink! it's that so nice of them?" The Ladies raised their cups over at me uncertainly I waved back and smiled simply shaking my head. I will always enjoy such big parties, with crazy drunk people, for I simply sit back and watch over all that unfolds. 
When I was 25 years old I was also 50 pounds heavier then I am now so drinking a dark rich yummy beer like Guinness took awhile to set in. When I finally made it back to the big table of our holiday party that night the lady sitting on my husband lap jumped up startled as Tony grinned big and proud at me. I knew he was saying "SEE, I still got it." I just smirked and rolled my eyes back as it really wasn't a big deal to me, I chatted with this lady very naturally and nice, for in such a crazy crowded place like this on St. Patrick's day it was bound to have a few funny stories or clever moments. 
 I was really happy to of discovered these classic styled pubs for a night out on the town, even though there is no crowd quite like on St. Patty's day in a pub! 
(So if once a year on the day to dressed in green I would have to carry my hubby home on my back in my bare feet then so be it, I didn't mind at all)
It was an age of our youth, of our adventures and of all my yummy glasses of Guinness!

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