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Friday, October 26, 2012

The Bacon Taste Test

I truly do love bacon and have cooked every variety out there in thickness or textures.. I could however talk about bacon for hours and actually I HAVE! HA!
This picture is of the platter served downtown Boise at John Barryhill's BACON bistro connected to the same building as his piano restaurant.
The food is always very good here, the atmosphere is a comfortable classy way to share a cocktail over the light tunes of a real piano player.
I enjoy the brunch shop full of bacon varieties and quick lunch menus. Out of these pieces on the sample platter the different in bacon was amazing and my most favorite one was the Barryhill bacon for what that flavor I believe makes bacon a wonderful meat to enjoy, not to mention the fat is the very best thing for your body to process. Staying smart by contributing to the fatty brain structure craving those things that keep it strong and so if that means I have to eat MORE bacon well my growing educating mind will LOVE the rest of my life style like this then!
 HAVE a HAPPY good BACON day!

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