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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bubbles said Bye Bye

The Kitten that lived with us a few days has not yet come home.....Bubbles was so adorable and needy. I left the door open to the backyard as all my pets went in and out on that sunny afternoon....Bubbles was happy and chased the chickens then I never saw him again. I hope and pray he is safe, that he is loved as I had loved him!
Maybe Bubble did say Goodbye to go off and see the rest of the world or maybe someone around here is giving him shelter with good foods. I hope for the best story outcome in his young life!
These last few days has me listening for him, looking down the street and wondering if he will ever come back one day......
It is true we didn't have an extra dime to care properly for him, we didn't have the greatest peace among the jealous cats and worrying dogs when he skipped about. BUT I loved having Bubbles on my shoulder purring and rubbing into my cheek when my life feels so out of control, there among craziness was a kitten to make me stop and smile at the life force that follows me around!
    The best thing about this kitten was when I took a shower he jumped right into the claw foot tub without any fear and licked the drops of water splattering him in the face as I washed and laughed so hard at such a moment of delight! While I said back to him;
"YOU are a very rare kitten to LOVE water like THAT! My Crazy Bubbles!"
May you be safe this winter where ever you are, my boy!

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