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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Favorite Pic of the Summer

I loved the long walk to the concert held outside St. Chapelle this summer, I happily parked without a doubt that this walk will be BEAUTIFUL in the full hot summer sunshine! I have always loved HEAT, warmth and sweat never bother me. Idaho late summers are so intensely hot and I loved it fully!
This is my favorite picture of this past summer time, the one I took while on my walk to go dancing at the High street band.
Maybe it was the fact I grew up with this as my backyard view, or maybe because I was only a few short miles away from my actual childhood farm....Sharing this same blue sky and holding thousands of mixed memories with a rainbow of emotions. I took this picture in my happy moment knowing sadly summer will leave us soon enough to just stare at this captured beauty in full true love.......

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