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Friday, September 3, 2010


My Family means so much to me. With a funny friendly dog and sweet cuddling cat, they sleep together, play together and help each other. When our dog lost his ball behind the TV the cat went right over squeezed behind the TV and patted it out right back to the dog again. She acted like it was no big deal, like she does these things all the time. But my Husband and I were stunned and amazed to see the partnership our pets have. When the cat escapes outside the dog will bark out an alarm and He chases after her, laying on her so she can't move until I reach them. She isn't a big fan of the outside world so this doesn't happen very often.
When my husband Tony kept talking about what he would name a dog if he had one, I decided to get him a Puppy on Valentines Day. I knew he would name the little boy pup "  Oscar"  from the TV sitcom "  Curb Your Enthusiasm."   Because Larry David and Tony have so much in common, the German Shepard on that show is just adorable and saying "  Oscie Boy!"   is so fun:-)
When we rescued our cat Tinker Belle, she had been the size of a mouse, maybe just 3 weeks old. It had been a very rainy April so she was a mess! But Tony fell in love with her at first sight and talked about taking care of her all the rest of the morning, I had to walk our dog at the park, So when I got home I knew we had to keep this special kitten. My neighbor said the Humane Society came by and picked her up. Tony wasn't going to let this sickly ugly kitten escape our care. So that evening in the Humane Society we scanned the building for our little tiny dust ball kitten. After searching everywhere the lady helping us paused for moment saying "  you said the kitten is sick?"   I replied "  I think so, she has yellow gunky eyes."   Tony quickly added "  But she is so cute!"   In the 3rd room, At night these animals come here to fall asleep forever. And that was right where our tiny new family member laid waiting for us, In that moment I realized this cat is one lucky girl.
Now my family feels like we have always been together like this, Just the four of us. With Tony's Love, Oscar's adventures, and Tinker's life I have learned that Family is what you create it to be.

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