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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fabric Frustration

When I began painting our bedroom this summer, I had it out for those window blinds. They were always so dusty, often slanted and if the cat stuck her head through them to look out the window, she would panic in trying to get her head back out. "Tinker, you Crazy Cat." Is what I would say while helping her keep from hanging. If we just had curtains then she could quietly sit in the window. So it was easy to wash my hands of those noisy window treatments. BUT the big issue now is what fabric will I sew to make curtains? Curtains are the best way to bring color to your room, or give a cozy feeling to the home. I am very new to sewing, this curtain project will be fun to create! 
I just can't choose a fabric......I want bright bold colors, I always gravitate to them in any store. Realistically, my Husband reminds me that the re-sale value and over all display of this Condo needs to be considered. He is thinking of a simple white or a soft color. Since I am ready to move tomorrow, I guess I will sew boring colored curtains. When we move to a new place then I will put my own colors back into the home. That means Granny Smith Apple Green or Pumpkin Orange! I love ALL the varieties in Red, even when I repainted this place and it had to be white, I choose that bright white, looking like snow! 
I want my home to be fresh and clean. To have all colors of the rainbow and smell of nothing but lavender! I am in a frustrating place right now having to guard my color choices.  
Since my Husband's favorite color is Purple, I had our bedroom wall painted in such a wonderful fun purple, but years later.. it needed to change. With Our shared passion for Lavender, We both had enjoyed that purple color!
Unfortunately most people when looking to buy a place don't want a Crayon box.
I am still at a lost to what fabric I should use in making these new curtains. The bedroom is freshly painted in soft gray and white trim, and I was just looking at some bright yellow fabric with a big flower print!?!

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