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Thursday, September 2, 2010

In MY shoes

In Fall of 2003 my newlywed Husband was gathering my shoes for the trash can, when I caught him "WHAT the HELL?" I asked him as he was startled by my response. He looked at the colorful group of shoes and drop them so easily into the trash can. "These are bad for your feet." He explained. I stared wide eyed and bewildered watching him look through my remaining pairs. "Shit, Tony you owe me 4 new pairs of shoes then!" I went to the trash can to see why he had taken all my heels. Being 5 feet and 3 important additional inches tall I had grown up using these heels to be taller. The short rolly polly me wanted a more Barbie doll like form. If you ever played with Barbie you would know how arched her foot is, just right for a high heel shoe. 
NOT to mention her boobs were easily MAN-made:-)
So I continued to watch my Husband gather all the shoes with a heel on them, "Tony really no no no those are my favorite!" He stop for a second and said "Okay just one pair of heels for dress up/no walking nights." I frowned at him "What is up with you?" He look very sternly at the heels in his hand "THIS is just WRONG, It is a sad unnatural way for your feet to walk, no one is meant to walk in a 4 inch slant." I laughed now realizing he wasn't thinking my shoes were ugly but that they hurt me! "It's not funny Debby." he replied "When you are old with back problems, ankle operations and vainy legs, you will realize it wasn't worth the cost adding a few more inches to your height!" I smiled knowingly and said "But what about being sexy? all those Victoria Secret Models have on the highest of heels?" Tony rolled his eyes "Oh yeah Silicone and stilettos are such a turn-on...Pppleease." He replied "I will go shoe shopping with you, being sexy is an attitude not a style." I laughed again as I said Goodbye to all my heels.

I realized my sandals were not going out last my walking, as my feet began to feel pinched. Now 7 years later my only heel shoe has been a wedge, and never a steep clime. So understanding how important my foundation is from my feet up to the rest of my body has been a wonderful thing to learn, So I knew I had chosen the wrong shoe to work at the Fair that day. The ladies I worked with came from the days when the Heel made it's debut.  So as they talked about shoes, I shared my Sweet Husband's story and his to this day crusade for Women's welfare over the misguidance on shoes. But instead of having that "Ah-HA" moment, they were appalled that my shoes were thrown away.  
My life was changed the day Tony took my heels and said "This is BAD for YOU."  
I am so proud of him! He understands how important foot care is. He feels so sorry for women in heels that work all day, or in the mall when he sees them wobble around. He notices their shoes first thing and will complain saying "What stupid Man said they should wear those?" or he would whisper to me "If that was me I would have trip onto the floor!" I just smile proudly when he goes off about woman's shoes again. 
He is more than just completely right, he is a role model for all men everywhere! 
These Ladies were saying how they wore heels for years and never had any problems, I explain its later in life what we do while young that catches up to us. They erupt into protest, saying heels define a woman, showing her talent in walking in them and giving her the latest statement in fashion. So these Ladies tried to assure me that a nice heel shoe has nothing to do with any foot, leg or back problem. That a true Woman has to have a heel in every color. I just giggled because I use to think JUST like them.
A few days later one of these ladies said "Oh sorry I am late, but my doctors appointment went longer then I thought. My back is killing me and they said its just going to get worse."
I didn't say a thing, I just took a long walk around the whole Fair Park in my new comfy tennis shoes;-)

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