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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A True Beauty

She was breath taking, 
She was beautiful,
She was brilliant and brave as she got married on that lovely summer evening in August of 2016, 
.....and I was full of joy, I was full of hugs and happiness, simply put I was lost in awe of her!  A True Beauty I had to remember to not stare on at her less she felt uncomfortable nor should I keep saying "Whoa, How AMAZING do you look right now? I love it and I love you!!!" She was getting married, she was pure magical!

               We cheered and we celebrate to their love and their friendship!
The sun was setting slowly over the mountains towards the west, the last of summer's good comfortable heat was still in the air as the music played over the driveway where everyone danced together! 

All the times that Molly and I sat talking about this day, this wedding event was now unfolding before my very eyes and I wished it would never end, The landscaping trees with strings of lights, the white tables and huge vases of Shasta daisies against the colors of Molly's "Earth." I had laughed so much when I asked her over one of our usual coffee time chats, "What are your colors going to be?" she explained that being boxed in on colors wasn't her thing and since the wedding would be outside then her colors are "Earthy, with blue sky and fresh air." I love this girl's spit fire common sense and I laughed. To the Earth it is then, such colors can not ever be completely captured after all.....

I have loved Molly like a sister for almost 30 years now and I look forward to another 30 very easily! She and KJ are going to be the kind of married couple that always makes you feel welcomed, always makes you feel like family to them both. I have enjoy these many years now of laughing together and discussing all kinds of topics, How beautiful they are together, how wonderful to celebrate their love on such a picture perfect summer day! 

May they live happily ever after together in that true beauty called  LOVE!

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