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Friday, September 9, 2016


The skyline of bright blue turns slowly

                       cooling down,
The skyline of summer time is clear
          salty and strong,
                                 shinning through!
The skyline of my eye sees the orange,
the purple,
              the pink,
                          the green fade into the dark.
The skyline of those sunsets I love to watch are FULL of colors!
Bursting out in orange
Bursting out in light!

The skyline is where I went to cry on the day my best friend died.
                                        Her favorite color was orange, we talked about it for a long time one evening, how colors speak to us, how they make us feel and think about different things. She gave life into the color orange that I had never thought about before....

The marigolds, the nasturtium flowers, the sunflowers and the zucchini blossoms all pop out at me in this great variety in shade of Orange. The dark green plants, the climbing velvet beans and the perfectly placed color of orange from the pumpkins and the tomatoes bursting into the early stages of fall!

Orange, a color so clear to see! 
Orange, a color that stands alone,
Orange, a color to fit perfectly with my emotions.......changing.
Orange, a color to notice and admire!

Orange is NOT the new black for me, because it has magic and power in it's own pigment that I would wear proudly out into a cocktail party, or twirl on the dance floor with no embarrassment!

Orange is the color of the fall season, the color that makes me sadly smile as I change with it too, as I grow....most importantly as I let go.

The colors of the world have stories to share, have feelings to give! 

(and I can't help but think pumpkins love being the magical color of orange too)

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