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Sunday, September 18, 2016

History in the making

It has been on my mind lately, how fast do we become history?

One of my long time beloved friends just reminded me that we graduated 20 years ago this past June. I was surprised that I wasn't paying attention to such a fact as that, She brought back the memories instantly by chatting online with me and my heart burst forth with such joy! To connect with her and to celebrate our shared past.....

For I love getting old, I love growing wiser and stronger in who I am. I can look back in awe of how important such a date in my own history was on that graduating ceremonial event from high school in our home schooling world was for me.....I am left in awe.

In June of 1996 we graduated, 5 of us girls put together our own ceremony with the help of our mothers. We sang songs together, gave roses out and shared a personal testimony of ourselves. In fact it was the very first speech I ever made on stage, I was surprised by how shaky my voice sounded when I talk so steadily usually. At 17 years old I realized that moment was not what I thought in my mind's eye to become. (Getting older allows you to look back with grace, I had never been in that situation before so of course I would do poorly) Graduation was the celebration of a good education for the adulthood at hand, yet not for me.....

I knew when I was 16 years old I needed help in my school work that I mailed off to some random stranger to grade. Even though my sister studied with me on the very same page, we were like ships at sea asking each other which way home? Having no idea what was the sky line or the water line, We struggled in the those years because being home schooled has no rules, has no motivation unless you the student take charge of what you need. Our parents were so busy by the time I was 17 years old wanting to graduate and get back to house work not book work, my mother had 2 new babies and my father worked 12 hour days.  Being 16 years old was the darkest time in my life. IF I hadn't had my 3 beloved friends helping me get through it I would of thought Heaven was my eternal better home to be in after all. I asked my beloved friend Rebekah for help in my biology, in my geometry and algebra. She gladly tutored me with kindness and excitement, her teaching skills burst forth easily and magically as I watched on in awe that I could learn from her in a way I had never known before!

(My mother always had good intentions as I grew up yet home projects and life took her away from teaching anything very easily)

I owe a huge thank you to my dear friend Rebekah, she brought me in on her school newspaper, she dedicated 2 hours a week to teaching me and I will always remember when I answered correctly a whole test run, we squealed together, jumped up and down hugging, laughing and she said "SEE! Debby you are not at all stupid like your father always says that you are, Look at how YOU can learn! and if you keep to these steps in studying then you can take on ANY subject I just know it!" 
(whenever people ask me who was your favorite teacher? I think of her instantly)

 We are always growing and learning, we are always needing and seeking, we are the journey within ourselves to change our life if it's not working in favor for ourselves. 

I thinks it's amazing looking back with grace, looking back with admiration and awe! 20 years ago....

Every story changes with the facts we can discover, it's why I love being a story teller because that is how I learn best, history teaches us so many little things about who we are today...I like to think that with my honesty and with my life's journey I can help the next generation get a better start in using this limited time on earth to create a better world for all!

I am already a part of history, in the cycle of life....
I truly embrace every level of my maybe 100 years.....
I look back in awe, I stand still with hope and I plan ahead for peace......

I see the history in the making, as I kiss the baby, run with the kids, hug and chat with a friend, pour the coffee with the elderly and light a candle on the days of death. 

It's all apart of life and time, it's all connected from start to finish, just how we choose to live our history.

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