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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Summer Vacation

Last weekend I had a life long friend Molly getting married at her parent's home out in the wine country of Idaho. (Where we grew up together as "neighbors" attending the same church as children we were like sisters as I had befriended her older sister Tiffany when I was 11 years old.) Life in that world was both good and bad, we talked about when we first met up again on a long walk by the Boise river 10 years ago. She just had coffee with another good friend of ours from the past and that's when she learned of me being in Boise and able to meet up any time. 
So our friendship burst forth from that moment in time to this day, I would make her coffee in the mall as she was on break from her store, I would hug her in passing quickly saying "I love ya Girl!" as back those days were busy, on the go , always scheduled out and rather busy fun. 
She setup a double date for us, where my husband and I got to meet her boyfriend, now husband KJ, His stories and his humor had us laughing fully into the night of endless sushi. I was truly happy to have friendship in both of them over these many years now! All our BBQ's, coffee times, breakfast, gardening and sitting around a fire pit these friends of ours have made our life perfectly loved. I am so grateful for them!

So on August 20th on a magical summer night they got married!   
My heart burst forth such joy and love!
The music and the food, the friends and the family all came together so nicely and I loved being there among everyone again!
I simply love everyone just as they are, I am free from any religion, any social awkwardness in knowing we are all alive and well to celebrate and dance! This moment will not last, so to do the best you can is a great way to embrace these memories! My dear friend Tally who I love so much danced with me laughing and shaking her head at my goofiness, 
For our summer has been full of activities, of adventures together! I remember when Molly told me her niece was born back on one of our weekly walks together, Now this girl is 10 years old right before me! She has such happiness and honesty in her life force, I truly love her!
In fact I am grateful to be friends with the whole family in many different ways, The whole event was perfectly done and at the end of such a wonderful night my husband and I enjoyed the long soak at the hotel room in Caldwell. It was easier then driving back home so late at night, it was nice to know our dogs were safely cared for in the same town and the next day was a family BBQ at Tony's Dad's home where we got our dogs back. My mind was a mix of memories from the past seeing so many old friends at Molly and KJ's wedding, and of the future while we went wine tasting in the quickly growing wine country of Idaho. I took a long country drive, stopping a fruit stand in the morning saying "We have time to get some peaches, for we are on VACATION! We can really enjoy ourselves!" my husband Tony frowned "Stop saying we are on a vacation! in this what my life has become???" I laughed and reminded him that if we are not sleeping at home it's a "vacation" and it's far more relaxing then our anniversary last month even! Tony asked "How can you have so much energy all the time? Why do you like to see these people from your past when they weren't very nice to you? AND you have nothing in common anymore with them?" I shook my head at his silliness, explaining "I love all of them, no matter if they like me back or not. The fact they are alive and well is worth celebrating! Molly and KJ are my dearest friends so in visiting with  everyone else is a bonus! I was there for them fully and completely, The kids and I are all friends too so seeing the whole night burst with magical and love made me so happy! I loved dancing with Tiffany, it was like we were 14 years old again! I loved Molly's dress and how in love she looked! I loved every moment, now I love being out here in the country side driving around with you! It's like we are really on vacation! Now I want to go see Teresa and hear how the dogs slept last night, life is very short, We are on "vacation" this weekend for the wedding, for the break from regular life.....every moment is fleeting and magical that is why I have so much energy! Being happy for others is the best feeling in the whole world too....I am glad it all worked out for us to stay in Caldwell this weekend!" He chuckled and shook his head, for as usual that he would rather go somewhere else for a summer vacation. But I loved seeing the whole valley before us as we drove on out to the wineries, after a good night's sleep, a long soak in the salt water Jacuzzi hotel room to the evening BBQ with family, I loved this "vacation weekend" so much!
It was all so perfect, so beautiful and so heart warming for me!

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