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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Poetry is Promising!

It's amazing to me how important writing is, how inspiring it is to share what you feel and what you think with others....even if they may not relate or they may not understand what you are saying. It is the words to print, the being in the energy of conversation and connecting. Those who can learn and who can grow from what we write are why we share, for all those little words and thoughts can bring us all together sometimes, our writing can open our very own eyes to the other person beside us, it can also help save a forest like this poem did in YES! Magazine.

Writing and sharing, being brave and being open gives way to a whole new story! 
It's a whole new look on life, from the birds to the fish, from the plant to the tree we are here to share, we are here to breath!

Most importantly we are here to save what earth is left from greed and discruction.

We are the romance and the hope for the future. 

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