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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Coffee in the making

                    The cool morning, that soft orange and purple look to everything as the sun light starts to peak up from the mountain skyline.

The fresh air burst in as I open the sliding glass door to my mature garden in the background, with all it's different shade of green and yellows.
As cats come in and dogs go out I setup the coffee pot. Then go out to greet the new morning

After I walk around the outside world I come back into that amazing aroma of coffee percolating. 

It's a magical smell, coffee in the making, so good and so warm, so romantic and so encouraging for whatever the rest of the day holds!

I have seen my morning routine change over the years, I have lived in different styles of homes and had changing schedules yet no matter what I am doing when I wake up that pot of coffee greets me with a familiar rescue and comfort.

On vacation I have notice that coffee shops were the most comforting places especially when I'm out and about in a new place and on the go so much.

If I had to choose between a cocktail or a coffee it would be a coffee without a second thought, in fact I look forward to going out for breakfast and enjoying that coffee with a friend over trying to meet up in a crowded late night pub. The energy that coffee gives me and the promise of surviving the day in being productive is a wonderful thing!

The cold rain drizzled down on the streets of the small town against the Oregon coast line as I happily exclaimed to my husband while I walking back to him with 2 cups of coffee in my hand. "I can't believe this is the fourth of July! It feels like a cold fall day......and it's been months since I order a HOT coffee. I could live here happily ever after!" he chuckled and took a cup from me as the parade roll on by us against the chill of a gray day.

No matter what time of day, no matter what kind of weather the smell of coffee is distinctive, and so full of memories or emotions, I have tried to write many poems about coffee because it is truly inspiring to me. It grows from the earth, it hold so many minerals that a little water can bring out such good health just the way it is!

The first time I ever tasted coffee was from my Papa Rudy as he read the morning newspaper and I asked "What smells soooooooo good?" waking up in my grandparents home. He smiled and handed me his cup and as I sipped it I exclaimed "THAT doesn't taste like it smells?!?!?!" He laughed and I went back to pouring syrup on my pancakes, because it would be 12 more years before I could taste exactly how it smells, Ooooooh that magical wonderful coffee in the making......

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