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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Momma

It went by so fast my days with my mother staying with me here in Boise Idaho last week. We had a fun full week that wiped her out in activities. Monday evening we sat in Whole foods eating snacks during happy hour, Mom chatted on over all the fun she wants to have while with me. My husband had us all "Cheers" with our drinks this made my mother chuckle as she said "It's good I have at least one working hand to hold my juice." I loved sitting there relaxing and being together.
 I was expecting through out the nights to be awaken by her requests for things. She liked all the pillows I had to help her lay in different ways for comfort. The mornings were full of cooking breakfast and making hot tea as Mom relaxed before we headed out. Being in my own cozy clean home I loved putting fresh flowers where she could enjoy them. 
Sitting beside her drinking my coffee we would chat over anything and plan out our day without rushing through those cool late summer mornings. Mom explained why she was insisting on packing her sandals. "I never got to wear my sandals this summer, so for the Fair today I want to wear them!" I asked "Okay, sure, but why couldn't ya wear them?" Mom continued "Everyone said I'll trip or drag them when I walk but those sandals make me feel NORMAL again. Everyone needs to relax I know best!" I smiled thoughtfully at her stubbornness suggesting back at her "How about when we get to the fair and I get you in your chair then we will swap shoes for sandals then I will carry your shoes in my bag if you have to do any walking we'll put them back on for that moment?" Mom smiled so big and nodded exclaiming "YES! that's a GREAT idea!"

The day at the Fair went so smoothly, relaxing and very FUN! Mom and I took breaks getting ice water seeing my co-workers then heading back to the food lane to share something yummy. Afterwords I would push her anywhere and everywhere she wanted to go. Getting good at circling the display booths for her to see everything around her. Although during the stroll of the cow barn and the horses I had to really push the wheelchair with everything I had to get out of the soft dirt or loose gravel. I was glad to be so strong, happy to be so healthy for this day of go,go,go. When we began to head out for the evening Mom bumped right into her old high school friend Sonya. They caught up, laughing and sharing all that has been going on. I was so happy to of seen her as our list of everything to do while there was now completely checked off! What a PERFECT day with such great weather and having time to do and see everything Mom wanted! I felt tired in a good way of having worked out all day, successful bathroom breaks and good eats even seeing Mom's face light up simply by being there. Before her stroke she went to the fair every year for the whole day from open to close! Now returning a very different person seeing old familiar things gave her a sense of reminiscing all in all I was so thankful to be a part of it......

Mom waves me over to stop rolling along the sidewalk as we enter the Fair in cool mid-morning, "I need a diet coke, this is the FAIR and I always had a soda in my hand." I laughed back at how she wasn't wasting any time to get into the whole Fair atmosphere! That's my Momma for ya! 

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