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Monday, August 11, 2014

My Veggie Garden

              It's all growing around here lately! Amazing how time flies in the summer! I'm surprised by this depth of growing when in June everything looked so small? 
How magical is the earth I ask you??? 

I love seeing where I will plant better next year too, I spend hours just watching the sun light move across my yard, watch how the water flows and where things really grow good! I love knowing how my garden soil will be even more rich by next spring because I'm studying EVERYTHING. My veggie garden has taken off with my system of layering newspaper, soil, brown paper bags, soil, more paper laid down even a bit compost mixed into the potting soil where I planted my 6 tomatoes and 4 peppers. Then after covering it all with a biodegradable weed block sheet I planted 4 pumpkin vines to grow under and through the whole triangle space of land. I also laid out 6 bags of mulch to keep the weeds down and hold moister better. My soaking hose is on a timer and everything seems to really thrive now! I'm so proud and so thankful for this summer of possibilities and how my veggie garden grows!

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