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Monday, August 25, 2014

My Fair Job

Over the last 8 years I have worked the Western Idaho Fair as a Check-in clerk for the produce, now as a contest department assistant. Once I get the produce in on the shelves over a 2 full day time the judges arrive early the day before the Fair opens to look it all over and I keep track of who won first, second, or third places with ribbons in hand I stage the whole place along with many fun ladies. Then on the first day of the fair I head over to "Western Town" a nice AC building off the main pathway of the Fair goers to setup the table and chairs for whatever contest unfolds that afternoon each day of the 2 weeks is a contest of some kind like for example "Salsa day" means I setup all the decor for Mexican foods, with one long table for dips and another for salsas. The judges move in and out tasting while all the contestants play a raffle game that's when I dance around, make jokes and share info on all our sponsors for that contest lasting a few hours from start to finish. 

I love doing the dishes and clean up too, while talking with familiar faces as they all enter these contests each day. On the last Saturday of the Fair I am there bright and early due to the setup for the popular BBQ contest. That is where in the courtyard of Western town these contestants bring their grills and chairs for a busy fun day of entries for a panel of judges. This contest is a huge event with great prizes and the biggest reward being 500 dollars. I love BBQ foods so this is a fun time to sample and visit with all the different cooks outside. I have worked among the judges as they have a comfortable private room to taste everything. I prefer the outside environment among the music and beer. The laid back enjoy cooking and coming back from walking around the fairgrounds then excitedly cheering on everyone in the race to cook up the secret round and get it all end at the deadline is most defiantly my kind of people.  The tables of judges being more critical and more formal is informative yet just not so relaxed as those outside. I have always enjoyed BBQ day there is some drama here and there among us ladies working it but for the most part as we get better every year I think it's a perfect end to the busy crazy days of the Fair. I will always love the Fair, I will always love these memories getting to be apart of it all from behind the scenes to the upfront stage.  When I walk around by myself in the early mornings or late evenings I think about life as it ever changing....Imagine if I had been around when the Fair first started up then I would be even more in awe over how different it is now. Yet since I was a kid saving up all summer for this event I walk around now amazed at how different and the very same it is! My fair job came along in a perfect time of my life now I am growing older and not so enthralled with this place like I use to be........

I think maybe I want it feel more like a small town in this growing city? I think I don't want to hang on to it when it is so clearly not the same. This year I have so much to be grateful for, working the Fair was magical in that perfect nice weather! I got to take my Mom out and I saw so many old friends! I will always feel a bit like a kid every time I go there and know this was such a fun job to have!

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