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Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Wind Dance

 It was strong and forceful yet it would stop suddenly then a few minuets later a huge gush of wind through out my dark rich back yard. "OoooOooo A THUNDER storm!" I ran out into the soft clover yard in my bare feet, the cats and dogs chased around me then laid down to watch as I wasn't heading inside until I was soaked by the rain!

This is my wind dance and my soul is alive to feel the storm completely!
It is easy to forget the world, the latest news and the many things on my "to Do" list when a summer storm arrives! I dance and hold out my hands in hopes to feel what wind is like mixed with those little rain drop from the sky! As my clean cozy bigger patio started lighting up with my solar lights the shadows of these huge trees moving in the wind made the sights and sounds of the thirsty earth welcoming in the cooler night. This is my wind dance that we should all remember to "play" outside in the rain!

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