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Saturday, August 9, 2014

My Water Day

It wouldn't be possible to use city water for irrigation on my back yard, because it's like a small field so I am very grateful to have a home with water rights and weekly flooding schedule. I am also glad to be towards the end of the line in order to use the water whenever it's splashing into our canal box. This way I know that I am not "stealing" water from anyone as it freely flows off into the other water ditch. My delight in capturing the water never gets old, all summer long I look for it and plan my whole day around it slowly hydrating my trees and gardens again.

My water days are very important to me, I love my muddy feet or how easy it is to shovel around the dirt. I follow the fence line closely on both side of my huge yard, it's taken time and awareness to create a place that pools the water instead of letting it shoot off to that easy low pathway....I am my own "Ditch Rider" now! I love this hard work, I love being outside in the heat of the summer sun while splashing around in the cold water puddles, when my dogs join me running around happily even playing with me in the deepest part of all the water, I love it even more! I laugh so much sometimes watching my dogs get soaked through in the heat of the day that I will simply lay back in the flow of it all to really relax!

 My water days are my most favorite stay home days in the summer time! It's important to never leave in case the flooding reach the house and went under the foundation. So I am always watching it while I garden. Once I cut across the palm of my hand as I dug around a thick rose bush to bring the water in more and if it hadn't been for rinsing my muddy thick hurting hand off in the irrigation water to see why it hurt so much I wouldn't of noticed how deep the bloody cut was! So without water nothing can be seen so clearly, and  most importantly nothing would grow so big or beautifully in my backyard like it does!

My water days are my magic days! I want to capture every drop for every second to help all things grow! Then I can sit back admiring such different colors of green in my happy muddiness!


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