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Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to just BE

Do you ever wonder about LIFE? Like why does it never stop moving, full of time and changes? I am in the middle of many things right now, my mind is on a constant "to do" list, especially before we move next month........Yup we are moving again in under a year. It's a bit crazy to suddenly have to leave this cozy cottage. I will admit to crying buckets of tears over this sudden change in plans, once again LIFE is something to wonder about! My neighborhood is wonderful full of kind, friendly people who all quietly love their own homes and gardens while chatting it up with the mail man. We were informed that our landlords need to move back in once our first year lease is over....Such shocking news sent my husband and I for a loop! All my gardening ideas and the peaceful wonder of this HUGE backyard for my dogs was suddenly and very quickly NOT really mine after all! Things like this do happen I understand, and it's been an emotional month of April in facing this new situation of moving out, (Our landlords feel really bad about this too.) I kept telling myself to calm down, to just BE. The unknown questions in our future, the stress of finding a place even half as good as what we have right now was keeping me up at night in the beginning. As a homemaker, a BIG pet lover and my husband's personal dancing fairy, I watch over everyone and care deeply that everyone is safe.   I worried how to move away from such a magical place as this! Now I knew that I would still visit Bernice my next door neighbor whose friendship and tea time conversation I enjoy and truly, simply just LOVE her! Then one evening my other next neighbor asked us to be his renters for the next couple of years....I sat listening to his plans of needing good renters while away at school, there was this amazing calmness come over me to stop worrying and stressing over all of this sad moving away plans, and I also knew THIS would be such a funny story if it all worked out...sooooooo here we are now getting ready to move next door, next month! Once again I'm in awe over LIFE, always moving, full of time and changes......while I learn how to just BE.  

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