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Saturday, August 20, 2016

U2 - Magnificent

          Today my beloved friends Molly and KJ are getting married, How magical is my life with such good friends like them in it? 
Ooooh how I remember our very first get together, over sushi and the night time stars...I think it was about a decade ago!

   My husband was so worried in that "blind double date." for him that they would be just as preachy and super "churchy" as most any of my old time friends from back in the day,  
instead he was happily surpised that they were very real and honest.
He said that my friend Molly was full of grace and of wisdom, and KJ reminded him of me as well....from that lovely night out to this evening when they share their vows I know they have been such good friends to us!

Last November in our new home I had Molly and KJ over for dinner as a blessing to our new place and what a delight it was to catch up on all their wedding plans I was bursting with pride and joy, they are such wonderful people to know and I love them so!

May they live happily ever after and always keep it REAL! 
...........and I hope they have a magnificent marriage!

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