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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Oscar and Me

This has been a busy fun summer, Oscar and I took the first of June out in style with a long walk on the greenbelt, he's clearly older then back in the days we came here every morning after dropping Tony off at work at 9am. Those were magical mornings, Oscar and me!  
 I loved those magical summer mornings drinking my coffee cup with Oscar's leashed tied to my belt loop as we walked for miles in the nature and in the parks of a growing city. the faint sound of traffic, the sun rising over us as we walk and stop, walk and stop...Oscar's happiness was so easily seen and enjoyed as I chatted away with him.
Now this summer is flying by, he's not wanting to be out in the afternoon heat for long since we now live in a lovely home with AC.
I still take him on a walk here and there, but the other dogs get upset and worried that we left them behind even though they don't want to walk along side with us so I am learning how to spend time with each dog in it's favorite way.
Oscar loves his purple frizbee for it's been to the Oregon Coast with him every time over his 10 years.
He is a pro in traveling, loving the nice pet friendly hotel rooms and napping in his safe crate with treats and endless water. The stories of Oscar and me never get old and I have laughed till tears roll down my cheeks!

This is a dog who has changed my life in every single way! 

Oscar loves running off the leash for his flying high frizbee, on the Oregon Coast this is a BEAUTIFUL sight against the morning sun light and the salt water waves. He sleeps well through the night when we are on vacation every time!

When Oscar was 6 months old we remodel our condo, so for a whole week we lived in a hotel room right off the Boise greenbelt and he loved it! I walked all over the place with him and always kept him in my car with me where ever I went then we would pass out for a nap on our hotel bed in the crazy busy life we shared!

 On his 5th birthday I noticed how grumpy he was towards puppies at the dog park, it was interesting to me to see how well trained and very devoted to me he had grown. I reminded him that he once was a puppy too!
Funny how we all forget as we grow older that we were once full of energy and noise!
Watching Oscar at the dog park, I also noticed he would try to correct any bad behavior by calling to me to come stop whatever the other dogs were doing!
I laughed so much just watching him run to me in fear of a dog fight starting, he has always liked standing between my legs in any uncertain new situation.

I am in awe of this clever cute cuddle bug dog of mine!

Spending time with just him and me is less and less since our pack, our family has grown into 4 cats and 3 dogs, he is always aware of caring over his own, like barking in alarm if one of the dogs escapes the fenced in yard. He runs to where ever he heard a cat fight in high speed, he growls low as the neighborhood kids ride their bikes up through our driveway. He has to jump up in greeting our company or sitting right beside me as we visit. 
My life with him right by my side is just as perfect and wonderful as it could ever be!

Oscar and Me sit in bed while I read and he snuggles into my hip, he lays his head on my leg and sighs deeply finally calming down for the night. When I am gone, when I am pet-sitting somewhere else he sleeps up stairs by the front door instead keeping a watchful eye out for my return.
Most mornings I come home to drink coffee and cuddle with all of my pets, doing my house chores and cooking, setting up my husband for an easy time to be home without me. It's fun to sneak up on Oscar in the mornings as he makes his rounds through the backyard and gardens, he is lost in his own little world so when he sees me smiling there, as I bend down to hold him I can't help but giggle at his adorable fuzzy feet that dance in joy to suddenly see me there! He burst forth with recognizing me and wet nosing my face while I hold him and kiss him! It's like I have been gone for a year the way he acts so happy to see me and have me with him! 
THESE are the days of such great joy and great friendship! I love him so much that after a few nights away I start to really miss him too! I am reminded that right now is the day to enjoy in one of long style walks and talks, Oscar and me is how I will always remember these magical mornings of coming home with my arms wide open to his doggie dance!

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