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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bye, Bye Mr. Mclaughlin

                   34 years ago John McLaughlin started up his 30 minuet political debate show that aired weekly with many great minds coming together to challenge, question and predict the next moves of our nation's activities, with his eye on the President as they came and went John would start by saying in a commanding clear cut way "Earlier this week..." and I would listen, I would wonder if I already knew what he was going to say next but usually I would eat it all up the voices of his little group of 5, with his position in front of the TV screen always directing with true honest respect, cutting in to let each person have a say or if they weren't fast enough to be placed last as he never wasted his time on the show getting right to the point of his topics.

I would always feel very well informed after each episode, having not wasted my weekend in reading online all the thousands of articles to each subject that John McLaughlin was able to sum up in his famous debate show.....I truly LOVED my routine every Sunday morning cooking up the works for breakfast as my husband had the show ready to play when I was done!
John's "Year end reviews." a 2 part show for the holiday/new year season was my MOST favorite time to watch and my husband would laugh at me as I did a happy dance and squealed "YES! His Christmas Jacket! He sure is the COOLEST guy ever!"
As I look back over my life today in all the many ways he was apart of it, I smile because TV brought him fight into my life and I would debate in my own political discussions saying "Well on "The McLaughlin group." they said....." and so on it went, I liked knowing  my information came from such a great source!
I liked having a wonderful routine shared with my husband that we got very good at knowing what each person will say, oh how we laughed so much while watching over the last 13 years in our marriage, even sometimes we had to pause the show in order to debate it out between ourselves getting heated up or challenging each other.
I have been noticing John's pale color, momentary slowness on the show and I knew he would never have a retirement stage in his life, this was his show that he loved to share and to inform all of us viewers on all that is happening in the world. He really did put on a great show! 
He was such a smart caring person to bring that part of himself right into our homes every week.......(And I loved when he made fun of "twitter" when it first burst on the public scene because I felt the very same way)

So now I think it's time to fine myself a Christmas Jacket too, and start my own "Year end reviews." 
BYE, BYE,      

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