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Monday, June 6, 2016

The Public Restroom Problem Resolved

                                              It's the most annoying news topic to me, for when it's being reported and debated I glaze over my attention and sing to myself instead, yes I like singing to myself when I am annoyed.

It helps me not get all up into people's faces about the way I see it, because we all come from different backgrounds and life experiences, "How to go potty as a transgender." isn't a hard question for me because I am not trans, because I go potty when I have to go and yes there are times I don't care about the sign on the door as I go...especially if I really HAVE to GO!
The line for the women's public restrooms are often out the door for most events I attend so I have no problem and no fear darting into the mens to pee like a race horse and get back to my regularly schedule life time. In some coffee shops they have one restroom with both men and women on the sign, what a concept! Sharing a pleasant pooping/peeing place no matter the gender makes complete and totally sense to me for it's like being home away from home, I don't have a woman's only bathroom in my house (although I like that idea) I think being in public is tricky just in general so I never stay along in any restroom boys or girls, trying to stay away from some of the scary germs is also on my mind. It's interesting to wonder how some bathrooms can be so disgusting and others can be a palace!
I think these discussions should be about important issues like never running out of toilet paper or hand towels, reducing loud noises of high pressure water flushing or air vents all sounding like an airplane just took off from the annoying automatic sink spitting hot water or cold water for less then 2 seconds or no water then never shutting off again! Life in a public restroom be you a man or a woman, a woman dressed as a man, a man dressed as a woman or you dressed as YOU, it's more then what you are born as and what you identify all comes down to should you soap up your hands and take a chance the water won't come on while going deaf as others use the blow drying machine sucking in and blowing out fecal matter particles! 
Like I said I could care less who pees beside me, for I am not hanging around that long to ever find out!
                             I have a brown lab staying with me this month who could shed some light on this issue too! Hahahaha "Shed"  I love it! Hahahahahaha
This 7 year old brown Labrador named Jack was born a girl, her owners named her Jack and raised her as the male dog they thought that she was. So by the time they discovered him to be a HER, the name Jack was already established, therefore they didn't change "her name" from "his name". 
I asked Jack how she felt about this mistake through out her life time, she gave me a "What are you going to do? Live and let live" look from her sweet big brown eyes, her strong tail wagged on as I rubbed her belly. 
I asked more questions in hopes to understand these things better... "Do you find it scary or alarming when going potty on whether you should squat or lift your leg?" She looked over at all my napping pets as if I should be asking them these same questions so I stopped treating her differently out of respect towards her own personal life story. No doubt she had noticed My own Minnie Girl occasionally lifting her leg to pee as well, so I guess it's all in how one feels!  
Jack is going to have a fun summer with us, she loves water, taking long lazy naps and being together! I am amazed at how well she walks with me too (Which is more then Minnie would do) I asked her again "So Jack, I know you are a really good girl who loves life and loves to cuddle, I can see you have no problem with public potty breaks.....will it be okay if I call ya Jackie-Jack while you are vacationing here? For you are the first transgender dog I have ever met!" she gave me a "What are you going to do? Live and let live." look again :-)

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