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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Ex's and Oh's

The song is totally kick-ass AWESOME and super FUN to dance along to, I was singing the song to myself when my husband looked at me asking bewildered "What are you saying? Where did you get an idea like that for a song?"
I burst out laughing because he assumed I made it up, how clever would I be??? I explained "It's all over the radio right now, surely you have heard it SOMEWHERE....?"
He frowned "Never heard it, don't even know the tune just heard you say "They always want to come but they never want leave." which seems like a racy song for you."
I paused to think about it, yes racy and sexy I like this song because of both topics are perfect as I dance away to it :-)
Then at a wedding celebration this month the dance floor was full of beautiful confident happy women dancing away in full motion of delight and magic!
This song came on over head as I caught my husband's eye and he smiled knowingly that I will be out there on the dance floor very soon he asked "Is THIS that song you were singing the other day?" I squealed happily as we ladies all headed back to the wide open floor and I danced my way back to Tony who watched on with such laughter!
It's in the song, that fun confident joy in being alive!
Women who know that they are not afraid to dance are some of the most amazing women in the world, and I am proud to dance right beside them all the way!

Whooooa oh oh Ex's and Oh's!

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